"I wouldhighly recommend Jeromeskee. Learning different tricks and learning differnt steps are all broken down."


Scott Oki - 68 years old, Former Senior VP, Microsoft

What People Are Saying





"Jerome has taught classes/workshops at Evergreen State College,  I started in Jeromeskee's class as a zero time student. I have spent time in both his beginner class and more recently advanced classes and have found him to be a very good at working to the level of he student.

For being a national/international champion dancer he is very good at working into things slowly when he needs to and speeding it up when the the time comes. He also does a very good job of keeping the class up beat and exciting.


As an instructor myself (flight) it's fun to watch him use the various methods of instructing like, "building blocks" taking small steps while building up to something more complicated and explain the "plateaus" associated with learning as well as staying amped and upbeat for every class. Even with large class sizes he also does a good job of taking time to greet and work with students individually. Again for how large of a talent he is he does a great job working with all talent levels."  







"Jeromeskee's attitude is very encouraging to everyone. When Jeromeskee notices problems with a move, he breaks it down."  







"I love that Jeromeskee always strive to teach us something new - the more Jeromeskee teaches the class, the fresher it gets. He is good at keeping it fun with not too much pressure/stress.










"Whether you have danced your entire life, be it ballet or ballroom, or you have never stepped foot on
a dance floor, if you have an interest in the art, culture and style of breakdance then this is the class for you! Trust me, you can leave your nerves at the door... I can't express it enough that Jerome is a great instructor.


His beginners class brings together a versatile group of individuals with little or no experience and by the end of a single class he will have you, dancing, laughing, working together, and even 'bboy/bgirl battling'! Jerome always gives the option of which 'level' of moves you want to work on tha
day depending on your strength and how comfortable you are doing them. Once you learn all of the basics, he has you combine everything and even has you making your own combinations so that you are really breakdancing!






"I attended Cornish, then the UW, to pursue dance. I already danced, but was too scared to go it alone without something big and structured to guide me. But it was not a big school that taught me what I really needed to know. No book explained to me how to respect your art, and elevate it by bringing the best of yourself to it. I learned this through watching artists like Jeromeskee work hard and create a movement style that is original and moving. In the end, he is innovating dance by the simple act of being true to his talent. He excels equally at bringing his ability of being true to his talents as a teacher.


As a breaker, his moves have the intensity that comes from accurately trained power. As a teacher, he is equally deliberate and thoughtful. He is aware of the entire room at once and easily includes all skill levels through a seamless lesson plan and smart instructions that make advanced moves accessible. This is why; this is the only class I have ever taken in Seattle that has people of all ages, boys, girls, men and women of various classes and backgrounds.


He encourages everybody and help's each person achieve their vision through goal making skills, and specific and insightful feedback that make's seemingly impossible freezes possible." 







"I have been wanting to take break dancing classes for a long time but had a difficult time finding a teacher. I came across Jeromeskee's classes and finally got the nerve up to go! I dragged my roommate with me who had never done any type of dance before. Jeromeskee noticed we weren't catching on as quickly and took the time out to break it down for us. We caught up and learned our first freeze!


We broke into groups and learned some battle style by composing our own short routines and performed them in front of the class. It was so much fun! I came home and jumped around my living room for hours and practiced what I had learned. I am now completely addicted to this class and look forward to it every week. I get to perfect moves that I have learned in prior classes and pick up new moves at each session.


It is always fun, and always challenging. He really teaches you to come into your own and bring out your inner b-boy/girl. In all my years of dance experience, Jeromeskee is one of the most experienced, nicest and progressive teachers I have had."  







"Jeromeskee knows his stuff! This is a great class for anyone who wants to learn from a true b-boy. The beginner class always has a great mix of people, a variety of ages and backgrounds. Even the most awkward and uncomfortable people leave the class smiling and come back for more. Jerome creates a positive and supportive atmosphere for all skill levels.


Beware: Jerome's passion for b-boying will make anyone want to quit their day job and become a full time b-boy. I have to say that breakin' is something that I've always been interested in but never thought I could do at my age. Fever One and Jeromeskee proved me wrong! By the end of the first class I was battling others, showcasing the top rocks, footwork, and freezes that I had learned.


Both these guys make you feel comfortable about your ability and will spend one on one time with you. The whole class environment is super supportive and not only is it fun, it's great exercise."








"I was amazed at how much I learned during my first class: top rocks, drops, footwork, and freezes. I was able to do a baby and chair freeze in my first one hour beginner class! Fever and Jeromeskee teach the foundation of b-boying the way it was meant to be.


You might think that they would be intimidating because they have danced all over the world and on TV and in movies, but they are more supportive than I could have ever hoped for. If you are interested in learning to break, or wanting to progress your ability, I would highly recommend."  




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